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Letter: NFL players kneeling

I am very upset about the Broncos and other NFL players who knelt or stayed in the dressing room when the national anthem was played at games on Sunday. I am especially upset about the news release and inappropriate reactions of John Elway. I have watched his career from Granada Hills High School to college and on to the Broncos. I hope when he looks back he will see that our forefathers who fought and died for our freedom gave him the opportunity to experience the American dream.

So is the case with the NFL football players who apparently see this as an opportunity to get media attention. I could even understand it if I knew what they wanted to accomplish. What are they are seeking? The resignation of President Trump? An apology for white people who subjected African-Americans to slavery 150-plus years ago? Punishment of policemen? Creation of dissension between white and black Americans? A political system that responds only to voters and not public opinion? There are other ways the players can demonstrate their frustrations outside the NFL.

I think most people believe that watching football is a way to get away from politics and the real world to experience a brief escape from reality. That seems to have changed, and I for one dislike seeing professional sports becoming political. NFL management: Just ignore political influences and keep doing what you do best: entertaining us and making millionaires out of your players.

I had only missed a handful of Bronco games on TV or in person for 50 years. I went to London twice to watch them play. I am a real fan, but Sunday I switched to Channel 62 and watched the Transformers.

I presume the NFL has done a market survey and believes it has to cater to only the younger generation of Americans and others who do not appreciate the history of the flag and the national anthem to continue to be financially successful. My family proudly served in the military through decades of wars we won to preserve the rights of these football players to do what they believe is right for them. I hope they will reconsider and not further divide the nation in yet another American venue.

Glenn Vawter

Glenwood Springs

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