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Letter: Nightmare on Midland

Regarding the recent spate of letters to the editor concerning the Fox Hollow development at 2225 Midland Ave: I suppose it is easy to disregard many of the neighbor’s concerns as mere NIMBY (not in my back yard) rants, and (full disclosure) I am also across the street from the proposed development. I urge you, however, to consider the larger picture.

The proposed development has now risen from a condo development of roughly 34 units to an apartment complex of 71 units, with parking for well over 100 vehicles. The original condo development was denied by the planning commission due to mudslide, neighborhood density and traffic concerns. The latest proposal doubles the density and requires a zoning change. I fail to see how this can be good for the city as a whole.

Do you use Midland Avenue for your commute, or errands, or simply as an alternative to Grand Avenue? If so, this project impacts you directly. The increased traffic will supposedly be mitigated by a single vehicle left turn lane on Midland into the rental property. Really?

Imagine, if you will, a mere 10 vehicles heading south on Midland at evening rush hour and turning left into an apartment complex. Traffic would almost certainly back up past the roundabout, blocking not only the southbounders, but every direction on the 27th Street roundabout. Now multiply that by 10 … a Twilight Zone scenario you say?

Imagine the morning rush hour with traffic coming south on Midland from Park West, north from the city, and all of the commuters from New Castle and Silt trying to get past the 27th Street roundabout. Throw in the occasional mudslide from a former drainage point, new bridge construction at the roundabout, and, oh, yeah, an additional 100 vehicles.

As Rod Serling would say, “A mix of your worst nightmares and terrible dreamscapes.” This nightmare is not just in my back yard, but all of our back yards. Please let your City Council know that this is not acceptable to the citizens of Glenwood Springs.

Bob Herrell
Glenwood Springs

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