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Letter: No Gas and Grass

I am extremely disappointed and angered to learn of your decision regarding the “Gas and Grass” approval in West Glenwood. Why don’t you just approve a brothel while you’re at it and complete the degradation of the neighborhood? We will now have two liquor stores and a weed shop within hundreds of feet of our middle school. The name of one of the liquor stores aptly describes what the goal of council must be — the “Wild West” of Glenwood.

This decision frankly comes as a complete shock to me. I know and trust many of you to make better decisions for our town and our families. These are our precious and impressionable children. Is this really the message we want to send — that a few tax dollars are more important than protecting children from images and businesses that promote unhealthy behaviors?

Research abounds showing the harmful effects of marijuana on growing brains. Further, disciplinary and legal action against students for marijuana-related offenses has steadily risen over the last few years in our community. Reported use by clients of Youth Zone (who are minors) has increased by 50 percent over the years since the legalization of medical marijuana.

Every additional pot shop that sets up business in our town serves to further promote the normalization of a mind-altering substance that is a proven detriment to young people — especially when it is on the steps of the schoolyard. Additionally, the combination of a fueling station and marijuana outlet dangerously comingles driving and drug use. You all should have listened more carefully to the many voices expressing concern about our students and neighborhood and made the health and safety of our children your number one priority.

I am so saddened that we have allowed this substance to take over our community the way it has. We have sold out our youth for increased tax revenues.

Dendy Heisel
Glenwood Springs

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