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Letter: No good choices

The political season is in full swing and I’m more convinced than ever that both major parties are completely politically bankrupt and offer only rhetoric and no solutions.

It used to be the Democrats were liberals, the Republicans were conservative, and a few rampant individuals crept toward the middle. Liberal meant a liberal interpretation of the Constitution. Conservative meant a conservative interpretation of the Constitution.

Now, I’ll be damned if I can tell what either one of them mean.

There are very few true conservatives; no Barry Goldwater’s or William F. Buckley’s. Most of those who call themselves conservatives are, in fact, fascist.

The litmus test is this: A true conservative loves freedom and liberty and will protect and defend the Constitution that guarantees those freedoms and liberties. Fascists hate freedom and liberty. They think they are signs of an inefficient government. The fascists seek to amend the Constitution to take away those freedoms and liberties.

The fascists have successfully turned liberal into a dirty word, in some quarters, so, rather than stand up to the challenge, the liberals have changed their name. They call themselves progressive now. How can anybody be against progress? I can’t for the life of me determine what the difference between a liberal and a progressive is, except the liberals lean more toward capitalism and the progressives more toward socialism.

The fascists are definitely more dangerous than the libgressives, but the two of them form what may be the most dangerous conditions of all; intransigence, polarization, partisanship, gridlock.

If you agree that the two-party system that gives us choices like Clinton or Trump, the bad against the absolutely unacceptable, must go, join me at the Western Colorado Independent Voters meeting Wednesday, June 13 at 7 p.m. at the Glenwood Springs Library. Candidates for Third District Congressman will be there.

Fred Malo Jr.


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