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Letter: No grazing on Sutey

The following was emailed to the BLM regarding its proposal to allow cattle grazing at the recently acquired Sutey Ranch near Carbondale:

RE: “Sutey Ranch Management Plan”

I demand no grazing of any “livestock,” i.e., cattle, sheep, etc., at the BLM-acquired “Sutey Ranch” (4 miles north of Carbondale connected to Red Hill) and that the area be allowed to return to its natural condition (without fences or buildings).

We demand that the public be allowed to access this area without interior fencing, barriers, buildings, etc., that would inhibit freedom of movement of the sacred bear, lion, deer, elk and wolf who live there, and allow for free human movement as well — free of cattle stench and cow pies while hiking, jogging or biking.

It is time to now return “preserved” and “protected” areas to nature and not continue any further unnecessary disturbance by misguided human influence.

If it is needed, a group of volunteers can come remove the inside fences so that the BLM does not have to expend funds nor depend on “cattle/livestock leasing” or “income.”

(Any letters of protest must be sent before the middle of March so that the BLM can remove the “grazing clause.”)

Scott Barta


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