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Letter: No happily ever after by removing Trump

It’s fun to watch someone struggle and lose. Isn’t that what a bully is all about … forcing the issue? So that’s how Trump is read. The point is, in that scenario “he is asking for it.”

If he is seen this way, then any means to get rid of Trump justifies his end.

If Trump is taken down, according to his detractors, then all is better and we will live with no troubles. It sounds fine, but once implemented, the system becomes a dystopia. Remember Russia, Cuba, Venezuela? Ever hear of “happily ever after”? Only in fairy tales.

Instead, a two-tier system will be in place. The founding fathers and mothers will be our heroes starting with Obama, Nadler, Schiff, Brennan, Hillary, et. al., not to mention the supporting cast of Biden, Bill Clinton, et. al.

Before that happens, all we have to do is think the worst of Trump, remain human, and just sit here waiting for the “founders” to “dethrone” Trump and deliver us.

Sorry, the “founder’s” compassion will not match their means.

In the meantime, don’t just listen to, but outline the speech Trump gave to the United Nations on Tuesday morning, Sept. 24. Compare it in scope and content with any given by any president.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

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