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Letter: No ‘Little Woodstock’

Regarding the Glenwood Springs Chamber of Commerce endorsement of the Peach Valley River Park, it seems quite presumptuous to pimp out our neighborhood, land and quality of life without considering how it will affect our close-knit community, especially since the executive director lives in a gated community where residents don’t have to worry about dealing with the projected 30,000 (many probably drunk and drugged) attendees spoiling their dinner parties, parking on their roads or decreasing their land values. If they did, “Little Woodstock” wouldn’t sound so, in her words, “very enticing.” (That’s already been foisted on others with Strawberry Days, but it’s only one weekend/year and when we’re reminded why we live down valley).

How is it always the ones who leave their crowded cities make it their full-time job to ruin the new area by turning it into whatever they left behind? In pursuing the holy grail of tourism and recreation, they continue to over promote this area. Look at what’s happened to Hanging Lake and Maroon Bells; 30,000 pairs of river sandals and hiking boots trampling down the river bank don’t sound eco-friendly.

The developers claim that the surrounding farm land will provide amenities. Like what? The 500 parking spaces they say they need, in addition to the 1,000 and again, 1,500 they claim to have. They also claim to mainly rely on public transportation and free RFTA buses. Free? How does that work?

This sounds like a boiler-plated boondoggle by people who don’t know farmland or the area, but are practiced with glib assurances and weird comparisons, such as equating the sound of the Colorado River rushing by with the noise pollution of I-70.

Don’t want it, don’t need it.

Linda Dixon

Peach Valley

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