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Letter: No more hate

I try and avoid the hate letters in the Post Independent, But it’s time for me to stand up to Bruno Kirchenwitz.

It’s obvious you and your idol Trump have a lot in common. You have no self reflection on the hate you spread just like him. It slays me when Democrats and “liberals” are grouped in to a nice little box to hate. You know nothing of my and other’s lives. We’ve lived productive lives in this valley and have contributed mightily to it. We have had our triumphs and our sorrows in life, no one escapes that. I was raised in the South and a favorite saying there was “clean out under your own doorstep before you do mine.” You need some spiritual awareness Bruno, and let go of your hate for everyone that doesn’t think like you or doesn’t have your color of skin. Thanks for letting me have my say. I refuse to be quiet any longer.

Ann Nicholson

New Castle

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