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Letter: No names

I would like to address the Post Independent of July 5 and the Selfies page that has some wonderful pictures of the 4th of July celebration.

However, I’m appalled that the picture of the Glenwood Springs High School JROTC has no names for these fine young men and women. Most of the pictures have names beneath them.

I admire these young men and women who are our future heroes. They have started at an early age to dedicate themselves to serving their country for our freedom. I truly and honestly believe they need to be recognized with names. Why should they go fight for us if we can’t acknowledge them and their courage?

Shame on the Post Independent. I do hope you’ll stand corrected and give these young men and women recognition with an apology and names.

Adria Milton-Baker

New Castle

Editor’s note: We, too, admire and compliment the JROTC members. The photo was of them presenting the colors; like members of Symphony in the Valley, we did not identify individuals, though perhaps should have.

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