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Letter: No on Amendment 69

Just wanted to add a few comments to the recent guest opinions regarding Amendment 69.

This is a constitutional amendment. If it doesn’t work, it will take another constitutional amendment to correct or get rid of it.

The 21-member governing panel will get to make all of the decisions regarding your health care, what’s covered, copays, future tax increases and how much they will pay themselves to make these decisions. If you don’t like it, you can’t recall them. You can only wait for the next election and try to vote them out.

One writer mentioned that the VA medical care system seems to work. He obviously is not a part of that system. I am.

In five years I have never met my primary care doctor face to face. Once a year a nurse takes vitals and asks questions that are sent electronically to the doctor, and then you get to answer his question over an Internet connection.

The next year you won’t know who your doctor is going to be until your next teleconference.

VA doctors are willing to take less compensation in trade for not dealing with patients on weekends and evenings.

The VA could not handle the volume if you open VA care to all paying customers. You will begin to watch vets die at an ever-increasing rate.

Seniors, retirees and semi-retired will be most adversely affected with no benefit from ColoradoCare. They will have to the pay tax on retirement income, capital gains — as in sale of homes and property, investments and wages if they are still working. Yet they would not be able to participate in the alleged benefit. Small business owners will get to pay a 6.67 percent tax on all salaries and wages and then a 10 percent tax on net profit. See how quickly employees are given their next pay raise, or other paid benefits or even if they keep their job.

Amendment 69 has way too many unanswered questions. Colorado residents cannot afford “to pass it to find out what’s in it.” Please vote no.

Richard Teague


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