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Letter: No on Amendment 71

Amendment 71 benefits special interests with financial backing while shutting out average Colorado citizens from the initiative process. It is predominately funded and promoted by the oil and gas industry.

Corporations and special interests hungry for more political control are trying to rig our democracy. If the amendment passes, it will become almost impossible for citizens to put ballot initiatives on many issues including education, health care, taxes and protecting the environment. The oil and gas industry and other special interests are funding Amendment 71, hoping to take people’s voices out of our democracy.

Amendment 71 would change how the ballot process has functioned for the last 100 years, requiring 2 percent approval in each of the 35 state Senate districts for an initiative to qualify for the ballot, and raise the minimum voter approval to 55 percent of votes cast. The Denver Post estimates it would take an estimated $1 million for an initiative to make it to the Colorado ballot. Amendment 71 would increase that amount significantly, creating a barrier for most Coloradans to sponsor the initiative process.

Amendment 71 was drafted by Vital for Colorado, a representative organization for the oil and gas industry with ties to the Koch Brothers, Americans for Prosperity, Anadarko Petroleum Corp., Noble Energy, and the Colorado Oil and Gas Association.

Largest contributors for Amendment 71: $3,123,400, oil and gas; $151,250, big agriculture; $150,000, gaming industry; $130,000, real estate; $100,000, hospitality; $45,000, for-profit health care; $44,500, banking and financial.

Robert Winkler


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