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Letter: No one is listening

In reference to Shenna Johnston’s letter regarding speeding on Grand Avenue, thank you for your sentiments.

As I live on Grand Avenue, I have been encouraging the enforcement of speed limits for more than 20 years. I have written letters to the editor, gone before many city councils, conferred with the police chief. Believe me, not one of them care. You have better odds of being hit with lightning twice in the same place than getting a speeding ticket on Grand.

We are coming to a particularly difficult time on Grand where people still speed despite the snow and ice. When one is shoveling the sidewalks it is frightening, as one can be hit head on or sprayed with slush and mag chloride completely covering you. Drivers do not care for safety any more than law enforcement officers do.

Thanks, Shenna for your support. No one is listening.

Cheryl Cain
Glenwood Springs

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