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Letter: No political talk allowed

The Nazis are already here. The other day, between the big game and the debates I was 86’d from the brewpub because I told a young man hostile about our choices that if it upsets him he needs to vote.

The brewpub’s response was: We are a family establishment you can’t speak politics in here, when in fact I wasn’t the one speaking politics but instead the victim of the young buck’s wrath because he wanted to take this old man outside and beat me up because I dare say he should legitimize his voice with registering to vote.

Being a champion bouncer and having endured the testosterone-fueled alpha-desires of those who’d rather employ brawn where intelligence is needed, I took up the challenger and maneuvered the whole affair out into the street where the young guy realizes this old warrior is letting him off the hook. The sticky situation solved with very little incident and no blows taken.

This is, of course, until management decided to make it into a big scene themselves and blamed it all on me, because they are afraid people with varied opinions will turn away their coveted tourist. So I’m banned for their creating a hostile environment. Where young guys are free to threaten old men but that old men aren’t allowed to defend themselves. Especially when the mean-spirited words ended up as two guys going their separate ways.

Strange times. So, please, get out and vote even if your public houses are stifling free speech to turn a profit. Yet remember if we really want better choices for the future, we need to be vocal and put our nose to the political grindstone even the day after we vote. Being able to vote for someone the media doesn’t pick takes grassroots commitment. Plus we need to withdraw our patronage toward those businesses that care more for the almighty dollar than they do for the locals that have spent plenty of their hard-earned dollars there, over the whole of their existence, if we are to nurture the things that made this country great.

Eric Olander

Glenwood Springs

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