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Letter: No such thing as a free lunch

I read with great puzzlement Mr. Gamba’s remarks regarding the reconstruction of South Midland Ave., where he characterized the proposed expenditure as “stupid money.” Since this is a major thoroughfare serving as sole access to an entire voting ward of the city, as well as Sopris Elementary School, the municipal airport, and numerous businesses, I am most interested to know which elements of the project he considers unnecessary.

Given the degraded state of the roadbed, severe rockfall hazards, non-existent measures for pedestrian safety, and obsolete provisions for utilities, it is obvious to all concerned that a full reconstruction is needed. While Mr. Gamba acknowledges these realities, he baselessly asserts that such measures can be addressed for millions of dollars less than what the engineers in the city’s employ predict. I encourage Mr. Gamba to recall his days as an engineering student and remember that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

In the meantime, I eagerly await Mr. Gamba’s explanation for his assertions at the next work session in March. I will certainly be in attendance, and I encourage any of the thousands of residents of Glenwood Springs affected by this issue to be present, as well.

We must forcefully assert that it is imperative for a full engineering study of this reconstruction of South Midland be completed in a timely manner. Failure of the city council to fund such study will violate the explicit promises associated with the special acquisitions and improvements tax approved by voters last year. There is no reason to subject a large fraction of Glenwood’s residents to continued daily travel upon an unsafe and obsolete road when this tax was implemented for precisely this issue.

Dr. John Steuben, 

Chris and Diane Steuben

Glenwood Springs

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