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Letter: No time to cross

OK, I understand that the traffic signals need to be longer for Colorado 82. Gotcha.

But it would be nice for pedestrians to be able to cross Highway 82 safely without having to rush.

At 23rd Street, the solid white walk indicator stays solid a whole 3 seconds, the flashing yellow (which allows cars to turn onto Colorado 82) 8 seconds, and then solid red.

I use a wheelchair or cane and don’t even make it halfway across before the walk indicator is red. With cars trying to move every inch and blocking the marked crosswalk and road, there is not enough time for myself or others to navigate across safely.

Even with traffic jams and people breaking the laws to get a few extra feet just to sit there (yes, blocking a crosswalk or intersection is illegal), pedestrians should be able to navigate across safely without having to hurry and possibly fall and hurt themselves more or worse.

Doing a great job otherwise; everyone drive, bike and walk safe.

Paul Janiak

Glenwood Springs

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