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Letter: No to Dan’s RFTA plan

RFTA wants to raise property taxes on home owners, and, until recently, only the minions have been speaking for the CEO of RFTA, Dan Blankenship.

Dan finally points to the real benefactor of these taxes, Aspen! He states in the 10/16 [Post Independent and Aspen Times] article that “Aspen’s goal of traffic from 1993” is where they want to keep the norm in 2018 and forever, if SkiCo and the city fathers have their way. In 1993, very few workers came from Rifle, even fewer from beyond.

Mr. Blankenship is also the CEO that bought the railway stating that, “I’ll Take The Train.” Well he got his tax money but tore up the tracks (put the money from scrap) and paved a 40-mile bike path that RFTA now maintains for tourists and the rich and famous to have in their backyards.

I say vote no to Dan and his plan, he has cost us too much already.

Kevin Hanchett

New Castle

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