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Letter: No to Midland plan

I am adding my voice in objecting to the proposed increased density along Midland Avenue.
The possible addition of 200-plus cars entering Midland during peak drive times just doesn’t make sense. This effects everyone who now uses Midland as a way to school or work, not just residents of the neighborhood.

Everyone who will reside in this rental property will be driving for everything. There is no bus service or sidewalks for this rental property proposed in the middle of a residential area. There are no services in the immediate area for any of the proposed young professionals that this project is aimed at. No safe access for bike riders either.

Increasing density for this project does not make any sense for anybody other than the developer. Please join us in lobbying the city to deny this project. Remember if this is allowed, your neighborhood could be next. Step forward and make your wishes heard to save this already-busy route from becoming clogged and a safety hazard for humans and animals alike.

Mark Smith
Glenwood Springs

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