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Letter: ‘No’ vote will force city to think ahead on spending

Do yourself a favor and vote “No” on the two tax proposals. You will thank yourself every time you buy anything in Glenwood. It will also force the city to think ahead on their spending and use the available funds wisely. The city could pursue other means of getting funds (grants, bonds and other creative methods). I realize this may take some effort, but I believe the city staff is paid well enough to expect them to do the best job of providing the services that we were promised and not just ask the citizens for more money when thing don’t pan out. I think about this as I watch the new pavement on Seventh Street getting torn up for water or sewer or electric or whatever. Did somebody forget that this was needed when the road was torn up during the bridge replacement? How much could have been put toward other needed street repairs had someone thought ahead.

We are told that the tourists will pay 70 percent of the tax or more, but they only pay it when they are in town — we pay it every day. Also, I’m sure you’ve heard of killing the goose that laid the golden egg. When people start feeling like they are being taken advantage of, they start looking for other places to spend their time and money.

Next, vote for Tony Hershey for City Council, he will work hard to make sure that the city does the best for all citizens. Also, Jennifer Vanion will do the same.

Stanley Trulock,

Glenwood Springs

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