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Letter: Not alarmed

For Nicolette (Post Independent column, Aug. 24) and the other climate alarmists, the climate in my lifetime started with the dust bowls of the “Dirty Thirties.” The blizzard of 1949 saw hay being dropped from planes to cattle below. In 1976, Denver had been awarded the Winter Olympics and it was a dryer winter than 2017. In 1982, snow was so deep in Glenwood there was one lane of traffic each way down Grand Ave.

I have seen high water, low water, deep snow and no snow. Considering all the weather I have seen in my lifetime, not one thing or a hundred things could have been done by man to change it.

The amount of moisture surrounding the planet does not change, it moves around from one spot to another, in one form or another, but the total amount does not change.

Ken Kriz

Glenwood Springs

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