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Letter: Not impressed with slowpokes column

It was with interest, and consternation on several levels, that I read the opinions of Mr. Tyree regarding “slowpokes” driving, in the July 7 PI. 

Following someone driving 10 mph below the speed limit can be frustrating, but he also took several side licks at those who drive at the speed limit.

This attitude about speed limits seems to be widespread, considering the proportion of drivers who ignore them. We seem to be a nation of scofflaws (of which speeding is only one symptom). 

Laws, including speed limits, are passed as a reaction to, or in anticipation of, a need to protect citizens from those who operate as if others have no rights. Do “slowpokes” have no right to drive below the speed limit, Mr. Tyree? Do commuters have rights that “sightseers” do not?

Mr. Tyree makes reference to “country roads,” where it’s difficult to pass “slowpokes.” Is he aware of the road damage caused by people speeding on “country roads?” It’s my understanding that most washboard (or corduroy) on dirt roads is caused by speeding pickups bouncing along with light back ends. 

The expense, usually to the county and therefore taxpayers, to smooth such damage is considerable. The annoyance for all others driving over washboard is certainly no less than that of speeders following “slowpokes.” The dust cloud created by speeders on dirt roads are a continuing source of misery for residents along those roads.

Mr. Tyree makes no specific suggestions about what should be done about slowpokes, which makes his article little more than ranting about people who get in his way. His sarcasm does nothing to make it likely that slowpokes will change the way they drive. 

He calls slowpokes self-centered, but apparently fails to recognize that his entire article is self-centered. 

Or did I miss the point, and the article is just a lame attempt to be humorous? If not, what happened to the “Golden Rule?” Does your right to break the law supersede the rights of others to obey it? 

Consideration for others seems to be lacking among both sightseers and commuters.

Howard Williams

New Castle

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