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Letter: Not signing the recall petition

The Post Independent has run a story on a local recall petition effort regarding Gov. Polis, who was elected last year with the help of a majority of Garfield County voters. The grounds for a recall filed with the Secretary of State’s office are policy disagreements. There are no allegations of criminal activity, scandal or wrongdoing of any kind. So we’re looking at a “gimme a do-over” effort better suited for consideration during the 2022 gubernatorial election where policy disagreements can be openly debated.

The governor was upfront with voters about what he wanted to accomplish and set about doing it with a Democratic Legislature. 

One of the governor’s initiatives celebrated at my house is a cap on co-pays for insulin. I have a daughter who is a Type I diabetic who will require insulin her entire lifetime. I am grateful that she now has a better chance of being able to afford the treatment necessary to keep her alive.

So I for one will not be signing a Polis recall petition and urge all Coloradans to make the same choice.

Joyce Jenkins

Glenwood Springs

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