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Letter: Not so friendly pet housing

I can’t take it anymore. There have been so many dogs surrendered to area rescues because very few landlords in the valley will rent to people with pets. For many, these animals are companions. You may be quick to judge, and think “Who would surrender their pet? I would rather live in my car.”

Well, this is the reality for many hardworking pet owners. They have jobs, kids and activities, and the Roaring Fork Valley may be home, and, surprise, they don’t want to leave. A small number of these people actually want to surrender their dogs, cats, bunnies, ferrets, birds — you name it. And I get it.

Many of you landlords and property managers may have had bad experiences in the past. However, I am here to tell you that responsible pet owners make some of the most mature, committed and long-term residents. Here are a few tips for anyone who would be open to starting this much needed shift in our rental market.

Meet the animal.

Check the renter’s work schedule.

Check references, require a trainer to be one of them.

Encourage the tenants to provide rental insurance that covers their pet.

Ask for a pet deposit.

The common denominator in finding good pet people is that most of them value making animals an important part of their lives. They may be devoted to making their rental a home rather than just a hopscotch landing pad.

To build a truly pet-friendly community, we need to work together. Please consider opening your doors to local pet owners. More homeless animals is never the answer.

Tracey Yajko

Colorado Animal Rescue

Glenwood Springs

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