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Letter: Not their problem

Did you know — if you live in Silt this could happen to you:

A big water main in the middle of the street breaks, not the supply to your house, the main pipe. It floods your home, ruins the foundation, front porch sinks, dirt washed out under your patio, your house is dropping on one end, walls are cracking and the town of Silt will say — not their problem.

Your homeowner’s insurance will not pay because water damage came from an outside source.

The force of the water breaks your sewer pipe, not their problem.

Approximately $40,000 out of your pocket just to fix the sewer and, not their problem.

You are on your own. Not even an “I’m sorry.”

Think about it — this could happen to anyone who lives in Silt.

The people of Silt deserve to know where they stand if this happens to them.

Jean Barner


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