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Letter: NRA is not a political organization

City Councilman Jonathan Godes incorrectly labeled the National Rifle Association as a “political organization” during his interview for a Glenwood Post article on the Glenwood Springs Gun Club.

In fact, the NRA, founded in 1871, is a nonprofit organization that advocates for Second Amendment rights. Since 1975, the NRA has been involved in lobbying efforts for and against firearms legislation. As stated in the article, the Gun Club’s NRA membership requirement is for liability purposes, since the NRA membership provides insurance protection to the Gun Club and its users.

Capitalizing on the partisan nature of our current political arena, Mr. Godes would have the reader believe that the NRA equates to the Republican Party. However, this is contrary to the long history of the NRA. Going back to only 2010, the NRA paid out $372,000 in campaign contributions to 66 Democratic incumbents, including Harry Reid, senate majority leader at the time.

I would encourage Mr. Godes to research the history and purpose of the NRA (as well as the insurance benefits provided to the Glenwood Springs Gun Club) before casting it aside and mislabeling it as a political organization.

Paul Smith

Glenwood Springs

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