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Letter: NRA members don’t kill

For John Hoffman’s information, the National Rifle Association is a membership organization. Accusing The NRA of killing anyone is the same as accusing 5.5 million of us individual members of being murderers. As a life member of The NRA for 44 years, I strongly resent that accusation.

Hoffman is shooting off his mouth without any facts. Could he please cite an example of an NRA member who has unlawfully killed anyone? I don’t think so, and until you can, shut your mouth. Hoffman and leftists like him seem to conveniently ignore the fact that the mass murderers in this country are and have always been radical terrorists or people with mental problems.

Shootings such as Las Vegas take place monthly on Chicago’s south side with illegally acquired guns, and all of you better-than-us loudmouths never mention that, either because it doesn’t fit your agenda or because it is mostly black-on-black crime and doesn’t make headlines on mainstream media. Or you just don’t care.

There are probably 100 million legal gun owners with perhaps 300 million legally owned guns and a trillion rounds of ammunition in this country and if we were the problem, you’d know it. I am one of them, and I killed no one.

Molon labe.

Richard Teague


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