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Letter: Obama was the divider

So all the news media can talk about is the “divide” in the country. News flash, people, there has been a divide in this country for the last eight years plus.

In the eight long years of this debacle in American history, Obama has managed to set race relations back to nearly what we witnessed in the 1960s. Every time he had a chance, he did what he could do to divide this country, and now the news media that Americans no longer trust according to polls continues to badmouth and criticize the president-elect and blame him for this divide. That should help the American people trust these so-called journalists even more.

The Obama administration shoved Obamacare down the throats of the American people without as much as one vote from the Republicans. Why would that divide the country? The Obama campaign claimed it would be the most transparent in history, but ignored law and failed to release subpoenaed documents. How could that divide the country? This administration failed to do anything about the targeting by the IRS toward conservative groups. How could this divide the country? Yes, folks, the legacy of Obama will be how he managed to divide this country and how he set back relations with the rest of the world by 50 years.

Finally, to those trolls that like to comment on the Post Independent website, I would like to answer the question of, “How do I have so much time to write all these letters to the editor?” Well, the fact is I can compose a few sentences and paragraphs in a 10-minute period; I was educated by teachers, not indoctrinated by someone that was told what to think by their college professors. If you really want to counter what I put in my letters, take the next a few weeks off and try and formulate 350 words in a letter and submit it to be published.

Doug Meyers
Glenwood Springs

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