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Letter: Offer up your neighborhood for wolf release

To whom it may concern:

It’s a shame that wildlife such as bears, lions, coyotes and other animals have to be euthanized to protect people in fear.

As wild predators get habituated with people and neighborhoods that happens, they want easy meals. We already infringed on their territory. Now they want to reintroduce the wolves.

For one: Wolves are already in Colorado. Deer and elk have already declined in Colorado, mule deer and elk by 50 percent.

With the reintroduction of wolves as the apex predator what will happen? When big game migrates to farms and ranches in the fall the predators will follow them. If no elk or deer can be taken by the predators then they will prey on livestock, sheep, cows, horses, dogs. I feel for the farmers and ranchers in this situation, for them the claim on livestock is not just a phone call. They have to prove without a shadow of a doubt that predators killed their stock. For many the compensation is tiny.

Do your homework people. Some places in the UP, Montana, Idaho and Wisconsin have their children stay in the car till the school bus arrives due to fear of wolves.

If you want more wolves here I think they should release them in your neighborhood.

Jeff Caldwell


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