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Letter: Oglesby has her priorities straight

Since I don’t live in Ward 3 and can’t vote for Ksana Oglesby myself, I’m writing to encourage those who can to give her your support. Ksana has emphasized her financial knowledge and experience, but she would apply that with good judgment and the right priorities. As CFO for a local nonprofit, she understands how quality of life questions, and the shared vulnerabilities of neighbors, must drive these decisions. Too often financial expertise is only touted by those wanting to avoid taxes or kick the can down the road, as though defending and enhancing our community’s livability and its need for revenue cannot be balanced. The road repair issue is a case in point. Tourists come here because they value many of the same things we residents do, and our town is generally welcoming and accommodating. But their vehicle traffic also impacts our roads, and a sales tax is the fair way to assess all users, instead of taking it out of only residents’ pockets. In addition to much needed financial acumen, Ksana has her priorities straight.

Laurie Raymond,

Glenwood Springs

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