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Letter: Oil and gas industry trots out the same arguments

My friend, Fred Malo, left out one salient fact about Proposition 115, the setbacks for health proposition, in his Post Independent letter Friday. The oil and gas industry now has the technology to drill horizontally. To use this technology to protect health is reasonable. This technology makes the arguments that these resources will become unavailable, and shut down the industry, and close out the workers, untrue. It could make drilling more expensive, but this proposition does nothing to stop it. Drilling continues, and gets closer and closer to us all. In Denver the companies are in a race against the developers to claim their ground. They have plans to drill within the city limits of Denver. The big fight in some of these cases is who gets the tax revenue when a bore extends across taxing entities.

The industry needs to stop trotting out the same arguments. It’s a new world, with drilling in residential neighborhoods causing documented health effects; injection wells causing earthquakes; scarce water resources being imperiled; climate change and … horizontal drilling.

Barb Coddington

Glenwood Springs

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