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Letter: Oil and gas pitchman

Why do Garfield County officials continue to listen to David Ludlam with the pretentious title of executive director of the West Slope Colorado Oil and Gas Association? He is nothing more than a bought and paid for shill for the oil and gas industry who repeatedly talks through his hat.

The oil and gas industry has done an excellent, i.e. devious, job of marketing, i.e. deception. They have just about all industries convinced they absolutely must use oil and gas to produce their product.

Ludlam points out that natural gas is used with the production of fertilizer. Again, I hark back to a former job (I have worn many caps) when I worked for a farmer/rancher in Idaho.

One of my chores was to go into the cow barn with a pitchfork and load up a trailer with knee-deep manure. Once the trailer was loaded, we’d take it to the co-op in town, they would dilute it with soil and give it back to us to use as fertilizer. We’d spread it on our fields and it helped produce 100-bushel wheat and 2-ton barley without seeping chemicals into the water table, causing health problems.

Low unemployment numbers in Garfield County during the recent oil and gas slump show that we do not need natural gas for a healthy economy. The recent rash of climate change-caused wildfires in the West and hurricanes in Texas and Florida certainly show we do not need natural gas for the common good. Garfield County needs to send Mr. Ludlam on his way.

Fred Malo Jr.


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