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Letter: Old library

The proposal for the old library is interesting. Still, there are a few questions I think we need to answer. First, how is this different from what is currently being built above the new library, right around the corner? Seems to me they’re of the same sort of enterprise development resource. If so, they’re not only competing for the same parking spots but for the same bodies to fill the offices and rents envisioned.

Maybe it would be better as an arts incubation center, which could generate the core professionals necessary to build and maintain a state-of-the-art theater, to anchor the confluence redevelopment the city was supposed to build as part of the Community Center. Arts development is presently diversifying Rifle’s economy, and investigation into our own art center may well prove that for it to stay a viable asset it needs a much larger space than the current location. Possibly add shared studio space to augment classes.

Secondly, why does GlenX need to ride on the city’s 501(c)(3)? Can’t it get and be responsible for maintaining its own? I think part of the art center’s problem was responsibility for solvency was pushed under the city’s umbrella, when the board should have been responsible for oversight. The city’s current responsibility should lay with reviving this proven asset, much like the caverns expansion into an amusement. Utilizing what the rest of the industry uses to stay viable.

Thirdly, there already are conference facilities at the library and Community Center. With social media and present smartphone technology, anywhere is space for freelancers to engage. So are we just subsidizing the last fashion? We need more than a mission statement. Let’s hear of actual businesses generated by the scheme.
The art center needs a location where it can anchor a downtown art walk, etc., which is now part and parcel to the industry standards of maintaining an art center.

Bottom line is anything is better than nothing because unoccupied buildings decay. Repairing what is necessary for occupation is quickly becoming the only qualification, as the seniors have found out.

Eric Olander

Glenwood Springs


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