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Letter: Old money and danger

Trump’s rejection of the Paris climate change agreement makes it official: He is the most dangerous man in the world. The future of the planet is at stake.

Pope Francis gave Trump two books, which was a waste of time since Trump doesn’t read. One was on the dangers of climate change and the other on the dangers of free enterprise. The pope, a man of faith, must have faith in science to accept the premise of the first book and faith in economics to accept the second. Trump, who worships only money, has faith in neither.

Economists differ on the merits of free enterprise, but scientists are nearly unanimous on the reality of climate change and the fact that it is man-made. You’d think there would be one scientist with absolutely no integrity and in desperate need of a research grant who would side with the Chinese hoax crowd.

Why does Trump reject climate change? The same reason that motivates all his actions: money. He can’t see how the fossil fuel industry can make money by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The renewable energy industry is making lots of money, but that’s new money and Trump the curmudgeon only understands the old.

Fred Malo Jr.


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