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Letter: On evolution

Will Call’s (Debunking dubious Darwinism) column Nov. 2) suffers from the same misunderstood word as the diatribes those choosing to ratify nature through the old tribal stories of religion.

Those who have started off on the wrong foot altogether in not comprehending that Cain’s offering wasn’t accepted because it was the monoculture grain of the neighboring tribes in Mesopotamia. A crop out of balance with the natural order, unlike his late brother’s grazing of sheep. Hoof action cultivates the ground and makes it so the God-given abundance of the natural sourced world remains “fit” and thus thrives well beyond our blood-spilling ways.

Jehovah telling Cain his offering will be accepted if he “does well” is him essentially saying, “Get back to nature, Son, or there will be hell to pay.” The misunderstood context is the word “fit” bastardized from its conveyed meaning (by Darwin) as fitting in. Hence being in balance like the shepherd and not the hoarders of grain foods, a practice that lay waste to all but its own survival, across the bottomlands of the fertile crescent and beyond, to our present discord.

A 1-percenter’s prestige, these nomadic tribe had grown to envy, recently having come into this world bent on (lifelessly) judging the multihue palette of creation solely in black and white. Later, choosing the rhetoric of crucifiers over the crucified. Divine right of well-armed wealth, over the fragile shepherd’s keep. On and on, washing these foundations in blood from our own always complicit hand. The taint of the superiority given with surplus and the markets and the city life it creates and then must defend from all usurpers. Spencer might have coined the phrase “survival of the fittest,” but he was working from a much deeper Judo-Christian epistemology. Like dark moths in the soot.

The reintroduction of wolf packs into Yellowstone has recently given us a template to understand the word “fit” in the proper context, but will we choose to do well? Or continue down this short-lived line, this short branch on the evolutionist tree; of casting ourselves out of Eden.

Eric Olander

Glenwood Springs

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