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Letter: Only a decade left to cut greenhouse gas emissions

The climate change fable repeats a long-discredited global cooling fable, part of the fossil fuel industry’s decades-long, $2 billion clandestine corporate scam to deceive the public about climate change.
Every scientific agency of national or international standing has always concurred on anthropogenic global warming, as does every climate scientist, worldwide, publishing in peer-reviewed journals. The latest study shows over 99.9999% scientific consensus on anthropogenic global warming.
The international scientific community has also reported that we now have only a decade left to make at least 50% cuts in greenhouse gas emissions if we hope to prevent catastrophic global warming that would cause economic collapse followed by societal collapse.
Fortunately, the Green New Deal’s energy plan can make those cuts and it will more than pay for itself with permanent economic benefits. It will cost $5 trillion over a decade, but it will also add $6.5 trillion to our economy, mainly because rapidly scaling up solar and wind energy will make them essentially free by 2030. And it will create 10-15 million good-paying, local, permanent (40-year) jobs with good benefits and pensions, the kind of jobs we’ve been losing for decades.
Without Green New Deal-scale emissions cuts beginning by 2021, climate disasters will cause over $160 trillion in damage to our economy. After that, we won’t have an economy left as runaway global warming takes over and make things exponentially worse with each passing decade. The U.S. National Climate Report paints a grim picture of what is coming, with increasingly severe droughts and floods devastating our farming regions. NASA also projects 30-year droughts, making the Dust Bowl era pale in comparison. 

Pete Kuntz,

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