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Letter: Open letter to Vallario

Dear Sheriff Vallario, you are so right about addressing mental health as a prime cause of gun violence in this country, and now let’s address how you personally contributed to failing mental health of society.

Sheriff Vallario, how many times have you endorsed violence as a “be all” and “end all” on your outdated “war on drugs,” that you still seem to be fighting, and as we all know by now, wars only create and cause PTSD.

How many times have you instigated or approved of a needless and unfounded raid on a residence, the equivalent to a home invasion. You have allowed damage to homes and property, destroyed or taken possessions from individuals, innocent or guilty in the name of law enforcement without concern for the mental health issues involved that you create for a whole family. And blame “liberals,” like who are these terrible people that don’t want guns in schools.

You have helped create the violence by endorsing violence. A trademark of accountabiity in policing is vicarious liability, which means what you tell your people to do, you are responsible for. All officers out there have been taught through this system to be violent. Sheriff Vallario, you are part of the “old school” bullies that need to be put out to pasture in this election year.

Do your community a favor by retiring this year and take your old guard with you. You are here to protect and serve all not just some, and now I understand you are so angry that liberals are obviously not on your list for protection.

Sheriff Vallario, justice means fairness not punishment, in a democracy.

Louwanna Clark


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