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Letter: Oppose Snowmass coaster

Editor’s note: This letter is from a high school student.

In your article on March 22nd, “Feds favor alpine coaster, amenities at Snowmass,” you stated that Skico was waiting for approval of a new alpine coaster on Snowmass Mountain. In my opinion this is a terrible idea. This coaster will only disturb the peace and nature as well as attract more tourists to our town. In order to make this coaster, Skico will have to cut down trees, inevitably destroying homes for the animals living on the side of Snowmass Mountain. There is no need for an amusement park on the side of a mountain.

In this article you state that Skico is waiting for approval, and if there are no objections it will go forward. We must educate the people of the Snowmass community in order to teach them how destructive this construction will be for the nature. If no one knows about this problem, it will be approved, and we will not have a chance to save the wildlife and preserve the mountainside. There are already more than enough tourists coming to our town to ski and hike; with this alpine coaster the tourist count will increase, and it will be busier and busier.

In order to preserve our town and the wildlife, we must protect the mountain from any outside construction and destruction.

Tatum Peterson
Glenwood Springs

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