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Letter: Others are more deserving of asylum

Interesting fact: If you are an American, or any other nationality, and have a DUI and want to enter Canada, well, too bad. Without special permission you cannot enter their country because they do not want to have to deal with potential issues. Maybe the U.S. should adopt Canada’s immigration laws.

On the other hand, here in the U.S., especially here in Glenwood, we celebrate a person that, “has battled methamphetamine addiction,” that has crossed into the country illegally, that has been deported three times, and that has been convicted of domestic violence. Let me say that again, convicted of domestic violence.

To some, these actions are special. Some people think this should be put on the front page of the paper as some sort of victory. Somehow, a person convicted of domestic violence that has admitted to a drug problem is granted asylum in this country, and the Glenwood Post thinks this is special. I am pretty sure this would not be allowed in any other country in the world.

I for one would like to apologize to those that have been victims of domestic violence and to all the other immigrants here in the valley that are trying to enter this country the right way and only ask for one chance to succeed. To me this is a slap in the face and an injustice towards of you — not only a slap from the “system,” but a slap from the Post itself.

Don’t get me wrong, I hope this person is on the path to a better life — I am sure our local law enforcement officers feel the same way — but I am sorry, there are others that are more deserving of asylum that have never broken the law, but who wants to hear about them? That’s not good copy.

Believe it or not, actions have consequences. Unfortunately the only consequences will be negative ones against me for writing this because it is not politically correct and too many people are afraid to say what they feel. Sorry that isn’t me.

Doug Meyers

Glenwood Springs

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