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Letter: Out of his league

So-called president Trump reminds me of one of those highly touted athletes who garner first-round money and then go bust right out of the gate. Always blaming anybody at hand not to admit they’re know-nothing rookies, way out of their league.

Here we have the Russians, China, Iran and even North Korea deploying the opening moves of certainly preplanned, sophisticated statecraft, aimed to undermine his every move, while the complicit press questions conflicts of interest, whether or not the egomaniac will be president (via using the naivety of Wikileaks concerning the true power of information) and staff easily took the bait and illegally conduct the office of president business well before a pawn is allowed to be made embattled queen. Moves well scripted.

At this rate, expect our so-called president to hit the political equivalent of Ryan Leaf smoking crack with homeless people well before the first hundred days play out.

What the press should be more concerned about is not the problems anyone could see coming, but how these things are being exploited to weaken this crumbling empire’s hegemony.

Blame is nearly always 100 percent projection. It’s the lowest level of responsibility, the rung on a very tall ladder in where people believe they are taking responsibility by passing it off on someone else. The next rung is that step in all the world’s religions that the Judeo-Christian one has as repent. Realize you alone are the author of your own problems. Grieve this person you have led yourself to be (the next rung).Move up the concentric circles of the Beatitudes to operate within the level of spiritual maturity that is a child of God.

So what Trump says shall most certainly be what his own actions have partaken, because blame really can’t see anything beyond the end of its own nose. Our less decadent enemies our certainly aware of this situation. Every rung of the last superpowers ladder is geopolitical.

Eric Olander

Glenwood Springs

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