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Letter: Overseas Ingraham endorsement

The Camino de Santiago is an ancient pilgrim path across northern Spain following in the footsteps of St. James. The Camino is a wonderfully inclusive experience welcoming every nationality, creed and colour.

My journey, like many others, started in France in Europe, crossing the Pyrenees mountain range with the hope of ultimately arriving by foot, in Santiago de Compostela Spain, some 600 miles later.

I vividly recall the first day of an almost vertical climb through the mountains into Spain in torrential rain. Starting the mountain ascent on that first day, by some divine quirk of fate, I had the good fortune to meet Jim Ingraham.

The spirit of the Camino is such that it is common for random strangers on the pilgrim walk to strike up conversation to encourage each other in their journey and to share their varying personal motivations for their pilgrimage.

In that spirit, Jim and I shared our stories and hopes for what we wanted to achieve on the journey. Many people believe the journey is primarily a religious one but it is more a profoundly spiritual one.

In the normal course of events, people share their stories and hopes and subsequently move on at their own pace. However with a shared sense of purpose, Jim and I proceeded with the intent of keeping close contact along the journey.

During our time walking through the ancient Christian pilgrim paths, Jim was a constant source of encouragement and wisdom.

His spiritual character and lifetime experience achieved through his U.S. military service and corporate work at the highest levels make him an ideal candidate to serve the people of Glenwood Springs.

On that basis, I wholeheartedly endorse Jim Ingraham in his candidacy for this election.

My only regret is that I am not eligible to cast a vote in his support, but I am confident that your experience of his tenure to date gives you, the people of Glenwood Springs, the same confidence in his good character and competence that I unreservedly have.

May God guide your hand in this regard.

Alan Whelan

Dublin, Ireland

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