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Letter: Pandering to bike riders

When it comes to the bike safety issues, there seems to be a problem in Carbondale. It seems that our Town Council has managed to make it an unsafe place to ride bikes in Carbondale as all bikers may use the entire lane. I have nothing against bikers. This town has taken it upon itself to reduce the safety of all bikers by allowing them to use the entire road. Glenwood Springs has chosen to give the bikers a safety lane, not the entire road in and around Glenwood.

Not everybody can ride bikes, especially the elderly. So bike safety in this town is wide open. In most other towns its not, There is a bike path between here and Glenwood and between here and Basalt. There are bike paths up from Carbondale to the BRB. However, a lot of people choose to ride on the roads. No safety there.

It’s a state law that you have to give a bike rider so many feet. It’s a little difficult for me to understand how a parent teaches their child that you don’t need to use a bike path except in some instances. So tell me again, Carbondale Town Council, just how does it happen that some kids rides down the middle of the street and an out-of-state person who has no clue is thinking, How rude is this bike rider?

Some how out-of-state people need to stop at the city limits of Carbondale and read the rules of the road inside Carbondale. I guess I am disgusted with this process and I think we need a different mayor who is not going to pander to the bike riders only in this town. Oh, and how many millions of dollars has been spent on bike paths around here only to have the super jock bikers just ride on the road because the bike path seems to slow them down?

Audrey Jane Spaulding


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