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Letter: Panhandling by permit only

Nancy Reinisch (letters 4/27), I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment. In fact, I’ve written letters to the editor that point out this facet of flying a sign. It is an unregulated entrepreneurial business. Being so, it is: Location! Location! Location! and this is where it comes into conflict with other business interests. My solution is to treat it such and permit the action, in high traffic areas.

Making it inclusive to this insolvent community, you could make it a free permit system that must undergo a several-step process to gain continuous access for these performers selling an outlet for pity. Make it one of many forms of the profession of busking. Competition shall conform it to an asset. This will weed out those somewhat not committed to, let us say, a participatory community vision.

To get along with free speech considerations, allow the one or two timers. However, designate several points as performance spaces for our town’s new “Arts Council’s Local Talent Showcase through Street Performance” program, where in the long run we can hook up with festivals and bars to give visiting acts a platform to preview their event busker-style, and so help promote the artists and keep the spaces utilized as a profitable platform for even those talented homeless persons who lack such support (and community), and so are forced to perform in the pity market neglect (profit over aesthetics) creates. Making continuous use of these spaces necessary to maintain harmony and channel talent stuck on the margins the portion of the community necessary to improving their lot.

Let us see the unruliness of problems as opportunity for: By the grace of God, go us all.

Eric Olander

Glenwood Springs

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