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Letter: Parking potty mouth

I recently learned that there is an uproar from residents on the issue of parking in downtown Glenwood Springs. I learned this today by being accosted by an enraged resident when going to visit a friend that lives nearby. 

I was in the Eighth and Bennett area. There was no parking in front of my friend’s house, so I parked a block down. I didn’t think anything of it because I didn’t see any signs about “No Parking” or “Residents Only.” So I parked in front of someone else’s house and got out of the car to go to my friend’s house.

Immediately, a woman exploded out of her house and literally launched at me, in my face, waving her arms, verbally attacking me, asking me what was wrong with me thinking I could park there and how was she supposed to get her groceries in, along with several obscenities. 

I honestly was shocked. 

I have lived in many cities (big and small) where parking is first come. first serve; this is common, and that’s just how it goes. Having someone screaming at you is not common, not normal and not OK. 

The threats continued, and I told the woman I was sorry to hear of her grocery and parking issues and that I didn’t see a sign about not parking on that street. I was honestly quite confused. 

At the end of the day, we all have problems, and if parking/getting groceries into the house is your biggest problem, then we all should be so lucky. And if that’s the case, well then I envy you; some of us have real life-or-death problems to deal with. 

I can only imagine how upsetting this would have been for, let’s say, my mother, grandmother or daughter — all who have been taught that unless there’s a “No Parking” sign, you can park in a neighborhood without risk of being accosted. 

A millennial probably would have filmed the screaming episode. It was (later) suggested that a call to the local police would have been appropriate. Instead, I moved my car, still confused by what just took place. 

Crazy yelling lady, you should be ashamed of yourself; you are doing a disservice to Glenwood and humanity.

Jennifer Anderson


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