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Letter: Parking solution needed

I‘m begging the city of Glenwood Springs and the Glenwood Police Department to come with a solution with the increasingly difficult parking situation down Colorado Avenue from 10th Street to the corner of Colorado and 11th where I own my home. I have been complaining about to this since Adducci was able to put her 10 or more-unit apartment complex on Grand with no parking. I would say 95 percent of her tenants park on 11th Street and Colorado Avenue because Grand is a nightmare to park on.

Then the city allowed the “Pink Palace” to add five more units to its property with no parking, creating an already-difficult parking situation into a much bigger problem for homeowners near that property. Many of us went to that meeting to fight it, but it still passed.

It’s time to reconsider diagonal parking on Colorado from 10th on through 11th. I’m sorry for those who were against before, saying it would take away from the “neighborhood” feel, but neighbors arguing in the street about not having any parking is more offensive. Our neighborhood has changed. We need to make the necessary adjustments to accommodate all homeowners, and this would be a good start.

Patty Grace

Glenwood Springs

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