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Letter: Partisan skewing of the facts on NRA

I was quite amused reading Paul Smith’s letter to the Post Independent published on Sept. 27 regarding the NRA and its purpose. He stated, “Going back to only 2010, the NRA paid out $372,00 in campaign contributions to 66 Democratic incumbents, including Harry Reid, senate majority leader at the time.” Paul goes on to write, “I would encourage Mr. Godes to research the history and purpose of the NRA … before casting it aside and mislabeling it as a political organization.” 

Really Paul? I would also encourage Paul to tell the whole story. In 2010 alone, the NRA contributed almost $830,000 to Ken Buck, a Republican running against Democrat, Michael Bennet. So I guess paying out $503,000 more in contributions to only one Colorado Republican is a match for what they paid to 66 total Democrats in one year. Paul, we can see past your partisan skewing of the facts. 

Renee McCullough

Glenwood Springs

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