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Letter: Pass prosperity along

The first battle of the Revolutionary War was fought on April 18, 1775, at Concord, Massachusetts. This was a historic time of unification by the Continental Army to battle oppression from an outside force — the British Empire.

Sadly, as we celebrate our Declaration of Independence we are now confronted by internal forces that favor an increasingly smaller segment of the population. This tragic prevalence threatens the vision of our Founding Fathers "devotion to the public good" (Special TIME Edition- Founding Fathers). Not surprising, it is becoming apparent The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 disproportionately benefits those most well off economically.

It is time for us to unite and share in our prosperity. This year let us tell our representatives what we want for Christmas.

"The government ought to be what the people make of it."

— John Adams, second U.S. president and Founding Father

Jim Coddington III

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