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Letter: Patience and respect

The mantra of this construction season has been “patience.” I’ve also heard the words kindness and respect along with concern for others regarding traffic in the valley.

On a sunny weekday morning heading toward Basalt, I was driving a van emblazoned with a company logo. I was traveling in the left lane passing Emma heading upvalley when a black Suburban pulled up on the right side giving me “the finger,” quickly pulled in front of me giving me “the finger” again and raced off. (In my defense I was planning a left turn.)

A few minutes later my employer calls me, asks “Who did you piss off? Some guy called and said you need to get out of the way.” I was confused, I had to ask again what I had been called on, “He said you were going too slow.” Going too slow.

First and foremost, I pay taxes like everyone else to use the roads and highways as I need. Highway 82 is not really a highway anymore but more of a main street since it is congested at most any time of the day. The reality of getting up- or downvalley quickly is not attainable these days with the miles of “cone zones” and, of course, people like me who drive within the laws and confines set forth by lawmakers and enforced by the fine men and women of the State Patrol and local jurisdictions.

I was not offended by your gesture, Sir, but in fact giggled about it all day. How you can live a happy life when you are so stressed out about one little thing like having to pass a van on the right? What will you do now that winter approaches and everyone will be driving slower? My suggestion to you is anger management, learn how to slow down, maybe not, learn how to channel your rage, volunteer at the animal shelter, leave home earlier and if you wind up behind me again, get your finger ready, laughter is the best medicine.

To all, keep others on your mind when driving during these times, let a few cars in from a cross street, let a car or two merge into traffic. We all live here and we have to get along.

Gary Kirchberg

New Castle

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