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Letter: Patriot versus nationalist

A patriot loves his/her country for what it has done. To protect the rights and freedoms provided all people of his/her country, a patriot is prepared to defend his/her country.

A nationalist is a person who believes his/her race (color) is superior and will defend his/her country only to further their beliefs and be proven right about his/her race (color).

So “patriotic nationalist” confuses me, because either you defend your country and its people or you believe your race (color) is superior, and you’ll defend that.

I got my information from the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the Washington Post, Wikipedia, MSN and NY Times, sourced through a Google search of “patriotic nationalist.” I also found myself searching the term “absolute contradiction” for peace of mind.

We are all the human race. I’ve been watching for those illegal humans, but maybe I’m not focused on the “right” things, because I haven’t seen one.

Brad Gates

New Castle


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