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Letter: Paula supports hemp

It was nice to have Fred Malo bring into focus the important upcoming election for county commissioner.

Democratic candidate Paula Stepp obviously has given much thought to the demographics of the area and our job market down valley, which is so reliant on the volatile oil and gas industry. Paula has her eye on the up and coming hemp industry. Hemp is grown in substantial quantities from Glenwood to Parachute and then sent away to be used for its many products.

These include, among other things: oils pressed for linoleic acid and omegas which slow down the aging process; CBD oil, being patented by big pharma as an anti-seizure medicine; fabrics made of hemp, as well as paper and strong canvas; and fuel.

Hemp has no psychoactive chemicals, and, unlike corn and cotton, the hemp plant enriches the soil and is quite happy growing in Colorado.

Commissioner candidate Stepp believes we can bring one or more of the industries that produce hemp products to the lower valley, where it is already being grown. Paula is an enthusiastic and engaging speaker, and I urge you to attend a campaign meeting and hear her innovative ideas. It is a changing world, and we need her forward thinking.

Barb Coddington

Glenwood Springs

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