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Letter: Paula the businesswoman

In keeping with the Republican tradition of making the most outrageous attacks on their opponents and expecting the voters to believe it at face value, Garfield County Commissioner Tom Jankovsky has claimed his Democratic challenger Paula Stepp isn’t qualified for the BOCC because she has no business experience.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Stepp has managed a magazine, real estate, event planning, databases and various nonprofits. OK, she’s never been a corporate CEO, but that’s not a requirement for commissioner.

CEOs tend to be my way or the highway kinda guys, and commissioners need to work with at least two others. Stepp has spent her professional life cooperating with people who may disagree with her and reaching consensus.

That, and the fact that she does come from a different point of view than the other two commissioners, makes her the perfect choice for the BOCC.

Fred Malo Jr.


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