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Letter: Paul’s feelings aside

Any number of things can be inappropriate together, that separately are ordinary or just funny in themselves.

It was the combination of the elements requested that roused the protest of the baker of a gay couple’s wedding cake. It wasn’t that the customers were gay.

Likewise, a little wind up whoopee toy on top of a straight couple’s wedding cake may also be as inappropriate. We don’t know what the request was, but common sense should dictate our sensibility.

“Almost certainly gay” in regards to Paul is subject to speculation and irrelevant. The fact is that women were a dynamic force in the spread of Christianity, Paul’s feelings aside. The impression is Paul, and by default, Christianity is a gay religion.

“Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?” Hell, yes. Crucify him. Crucify him. We were all there, and the only ones with woe and sorrow were Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene.

The road to Damascus changed the tax collector, the persecutor and executioner of Christ’s followers into a giant, who knew who Christ is, and made his teaching his pilgrimage to the world. His written words are the oldest existing writings from Christ’s era. Common sense trumps being gay.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

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